There's a lot of pride and passion put into a family business that has survived as long as ours. This is a labor of love!


The Landry’s will be your host as you discover there is no better way to explore the Canadian Rockies than on horseback. Ray Landry began the outfitting business during the early 80’s, wrangling in Jasper National Park, later becoming a certified farrier; Brenda completed schooling in Environmental Sciences, obtained her EC Level 1 Western Rider Instructor certification and is now furthering her education at the University of Alberta. Ray and Brenda manage ranch activities to ensure your needs are a priority.

Their children Joey and Rory grew up at the ranch helping with trail rides, pack trips and summer camps. They are now grown with families of their own but still actively involved in the ranch operation.

Joey with her husband Tyler will be your pack trip guides. Hosting from their secluded Coral Creek camp, they will provide an authentic,unique adventure in the heart of the Willmore Wilderness Park.

Rory and his wife Tina are regulars at the ranch providing support in guiding trail rides, and lending a hand in ranch operations.

The future of U Bar Ranch is in the hands of our well loved grandchildren who already show a love of horses and serenity of ranch life.